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Story Dance training for educators

Do you want to engage your students/ visitors with highly-interactive stories that gets them dancing, moving, cooperating and creating?

Do you want to integrate movement into your storytelling?

Do you need some more skills to tell a captivating tale to your students?

Do you want to add creativity to your classroom?

Do you want to draw in more visitors for your unique storytime?

Risa spent 10+ years developing curriculum and honing skills with Jelly Jam Time- 

Invite her to your site or conference to train educators in this style of active literacy. 


Risa Lenore offers trainings on how to enliven your stories, to get your kids to moving and to expand your thinking about the possibilities during storytime. With simple hints and pointers gained from years of experience, incredible mentors and intensive trainings,  Risa Lenore can help you activate your stories. Risa Lenore offers workshops and trainings for educators, including Museum educators, Preschool Teachers, Librarians, Elementary School educators and Parents. 


contact Risa at for more information

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