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Puppet Shows

Always interactive

Jelly Jam Time's Puppet shows are ideal for young audiences. The puppets, props, scenery, costumes and stories are all original creations by Risa Lenore and company.  The audience is invited to move, create, suggest, interact and play along with the puppets and performers. They address a variety of themes and can be adjusted to meet the needs of your community.  Bring these unique puppet shows to your library, museum, festival, community center or place of worship.

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Gardenia and Greedy Gus 


Enjoy an interactive table top puppet show best suited for 3-7 year olds about a young girl with magical gardening powers whose neighbor, Greedy Gus, tries to take it all away. Through some exciting transformations and the help of the audience, she discovers the courage to stand up. This show was co-written by 6 and 7 year olds and characters and sets were designed by preschoolers and kindergartners, brought to life with puppeteer Risa Lenore's crafting skills.

To the Farallons and Back Again: A Mermaid's tale

Delight in a fairy tale puppet show featuring a scrolling back-drop (or crankie) set in the Gold Rush era beneath the waves at the Farallon Islands and in the city of San Francisco.  Sing sea chanties, mermaid melodies and create sound-scapes for the hand-printed paper world. 

Jaquelyn and the Beanstalk
Jelly Jam Time Puppets presents a paper pop-up puppet show of Jaquelyn and the Beanstalk. With this version of a classic tale, storyteller and performer Risa Lenore performs with paper puppets and a giant pop-up book. Join us in this story to sing, dance and act along with the characters in this high energy retelling. 

Apple Tree and Honey Bee


Explore the connectivity between the bee-loved pollinator and one of our favorite fruits. Get to know the life of the hive and the stages of the apple tree with this gracefully interwoven story of the apple tree and the honey bee, Zzalula. This is an excellent addition to programming about bees or fruit. It is educational, interactive and handmade! Invite this show to your Harvest or Rosh Hoshana celebrations to bring apples and honey to life.

Darkness Puppet Show


Darkness, the puppet, travels the land in search of light. Their enthusiasm gets the best of them and people must hide their lights. One wise child braves the darkness to reilluminate the days. This show is perfect for exploring the darkness in the light, celebrating the darkest time of the year. The audience help with sound effects and movements. 

Darkness is a great addition to your winter season programming. This show works best in a darkened space, with electrical hook-ups as it plays with light and darkness with lamps and such! 



Frog Life Cycle


Follow the life and times of Francis the Frog through her time at the pond. Grow along side Francis from egg to tadpole to pollywog to frog

"Your show appealed to our young audience and educated them about the growth process. Kids got to use their bodies so they didn’t get restless during the show. It was so fun to watch you sprout legs and arms as a young tadpole. Laughter all around!"

-Dan Hess

Albany Children's Librarian

Contact Risa Lenore at for questions about rates and availability. 

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